Known for her ‘tough love’, honesty and ability to empower

others into taking positive action, Helen is extremely

passionate about the HEW approach and sees it as a moral

obligation to help individuals and businesses the world over

achieve the results that they desire. Having founded HEW back

in 2017, Helen has worked with hundreds of individuals,

created new brands and business models, facilitated a range of

action taking workshops and been a key note speaker for

events, networking groups, corporate, HM Prison Service

and Educational Institutions.

Location: Sheffield, UK
Specialist Areas:

  • Corporate to Business Transition

  • Mindset

  • Building a Brand

  • Business Growth

  • Confidence


Getting to know Helen:

  • The Great Outdoors

  • Travel and Experience

  • Good Food and Wine

  • Fitness and Yoga


  • Ironing and Housework

  • People with no manners

  • Mediocrity

  • Fakers, Haters and Dream Stealers

Lauren Profile Picture .jpg


Lauren joined HEW at the start of 2020 but started her entrepreneurial journey long before aged just 20. She closed her

first business aged 27 and with the benefit of hindsight can now

see a combination of burnout and a lack of alignment with the business model she was running was the root cause of why this wasn’t to be her long term path.

Lauren spent the next 8 years in the corporate world running coaching & all round business support units in Holland, expanding into Belgium & France before returning back to the UK where she specialised in project managing digital tools used in the sales & recruitment industries She is renowned for her ability to bring

energy and enthusiasm to whatever she does, her 10+ years of experience working with entrepreneurs in environments that

change daily means she keeps her cool and can focus in the most mental of times!

Location: Manchester, UK
Specialist Areas:

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Working Through Fear

  • Money Mindset

  • Digital Distraction

  • Corporate to Business Transition


Getting to know Lauren:

  • Dogs of all sizes

  • Coffee. Strong, but sweet!

  • Audio books & Podcasts while I walk

  • Seeing others get out of their own way


  • Living to others' expectations

  • Inconsiderate people

  • A messy workplace/desk

  • Baked beans


Uzma and Helen's relationship goes back to the good old school days when they studied together at comprehensive school. Following on from this they both went their separate ways. 

Uzma pursued a career in business management and ended up in the insolvency sector, working with businesses and individuals who were struggling with their debts and finances. She was involved in restructuring, turnaround and insolvency procedures and has over 12 years of experience in the field. 

She made the decision to pursue a more creative career as an abstract artist in 2018, this was when Uzma connected again with Helen to help support this transition. Since then she has been working on building this as a business. She works from her art studio based in Rotherham, creating bespoke pieces, commissions, putting together workshops and her work has also been showcased in local exhibitions. 

As a result of working closely with HEW over the past couple of years and getting to know the love of the brand. Uzma has now joined the team in a Business Support role alongside growing her art business.

Location: Sheffield, UK
Specialist Areas:

  • Business Management

  • Administrative Support

  • Art & Design

  • Bespoke Delivery And Workshops


Getting to know Uzma:

  • Nature And Being Near Water

  • Weight Training And Boxing

  • Tea And Biscuits

  • Seeing People Succeed


  • People Who Think They Are Always Right

  • Dark Chocolate

  • Cooking


Georgia is working with the HEW Team as part of the government Kick-Start Scheme, in the areas of Marketing Support, Content Creation and Editing.  Georgia is looking forward to showcasing her skills and experience she gained while undertaking her studies at Hillsborough Sheffield College in Photography Media, Art and Design. She is passionate about working for HEW with the main draw how the business itself can help her grow as a person while working here.

She wants to improve her level of confidence in the marketing and media industry and in general business practise. She is all about working to the best of your ability and lives by the principles ‘Just do the best you possibly can, things come to you by believing you can achieve’ and ‘teamwork makes the dream work’.  

In her downtime you can find Georgia working on her photography skills on Instagram to manage her one branded account as well as exploring places and experimenting new styles of photography. Georgia also enjoys having time to relax or even playing adventure type games which obviously includes finding fascinating locations to capture on camera.


Location: Sheffield, UK
Specialist Areas:

  • Business support

  • Marketing and PR

  • Content creation and editing

Getting to know Georgia:

  • Nature

  • Photography 

  • Baking

  • Being on social media


  • People being rude

  • Disorganisation