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Known for her ‘tough love’, honesty and ability to empower

others into taking positive action, Helen is extremely

passionate about the HEW approach and sees it as a moral

obligation to help individuals and businesses the world over

achieve the results that they desire. Having founded HEW back

in 2017, Helen has worked with hundreds of individuals,

created new brands and business models, facilitated a range of

action taking workshops and been a key note speaker for

events, networking groups, corporate, HM Prison Service

and Educational Institutions.

Location: Sheffield, UK
Specialist Areas:

  • Corporate to Business Transition

  • Mindset

  • Building a Brand

  • Business Growth

  • Confidence


Getting to know Helen:

  • The Great Outdoors

  • Travel and Experience

  • Good Food and Wine

  • Fitness and Yoga


  • Ironing and Housework

  • People with no manners

  • Mediocrity

  • Fakers, Haters and Dream Stealers



Uzma and Helen's relationship goes back to the good old school days when they studied together at comprehensive school. Following on from this they both went their separate ways. 

Uzma pursued a career in business management and ended up in the insolvency sector, working with businesses and individuals who were struggling with their debts and finances. She was involved in restructuring, turnaround and insolvency procedures and has over 12 years of experience in the field. 

She made the decision to pursue a more creative career as an abstract artist in 2018, this was when Uzma connected again with Helen to help support this transition. Since then she has been working on building this as a business. She works from her art studio based in Rotherham, creating bespoke pieces, commissions, putting together workshops and her work has also been showcased in local exhibitions. 

As a result of working closely with HEW over the past couple of years and getting to know the love of the brand. Uzma has now joined the team in a Business Support role alongside growing her art business.

Location: Sheffield, UK
Specialist Areas:

  • Business Management

  • Administrative Support

  • Art & Design

  • Bespoke Delivery And Workshops


Getting to know Uzma:

  • Nature And Being Near Water

  • Weight Training And Boxing

  • Tea And Biscuits

  • Seeing People Succeed


  • People Who Think They Are Always Right

  • Dark Chocolate

  • Cooking


Sakinah joined the HEW Team looking to gain experience in business, administration and content creating. She loves the independence her role brings, while also being able to make a difference as part of a wider team. Through this work placement, she is looking to broaden her skill set and to understand the business world hands on.

She has always had a creative entrepreneurial spirit from selling her old toys as a young child to selling crocheted, baked or crafted goods to family and friends.


She has decided to take her passion for baking to the next level by starting up a small business.

Location: Sheffield, UK

Specialist Areas:

  • Graphic Design


Getting to know Sakinah:

  • Uniqueness

  • Learning new things

  • Jewellery


  • Rude People

  • Stagnancy


Rodayna is a student at The Sheffield College, who joined HEW as a placement in order to learn about what business work is like and to learn new skills.


A few weeks into her placement at HEW, that it wasn't an easy transition to take on a placement in a working environment but that she was in the best place to learn about motivation, time management and discipline in order to fulfil her commitment.

Rodayna enjoys sport such as badminton and archery and loves to practice them in her spare time.


Location: Sheffield, UK

Specialist Areas:

  • Graphic Design


Getting to know Rodayna:

  • Summer

  • Travelling

  • Talking to friends

  • Iced Tea


  • Cold weather

  • Rain

  • Waking up early

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