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HEW Development in the Community CIC has been formed to enable coaching, personal development and skillset growth to be available to a wider and more diverse audience within our local communities.

Personal growth and development is the springboard to happier, healthier and more fulfilled lives.
We are here to enhance this and break down the barriers that exist in communities that can prevent this from being the case.



Inspiring positive change and providing lasting impact for individuals is at the core of what we do.

Our coaching services are being delivered to individuals, community organisations and existing businesses specifically assisting those from disadvantaged backgrounds and areas of deprivation to improve personal life skills, and drive further educational and business aspirations

Our team have the innate passion and desire to improve life and business outcomes for as many people as humanly possible and will challenge any bias or status quo that acts as a block to this fulfilment.

Community projects, workshops and programmes are being delivered across Sheffield and the South Yorkshire region primarily.


Helen Williams


Helen was the initial brainchild behind HEW Coaching and throughout the growth and impact the business has had over the last 5 years, became increasingly aware that coaching and development is vital for more groups and individuals within society in order to give a fair chance of happiness and succession regardless of who you are.


Her personal experience in business and investment as well as her key role of coaching delivery to individuals, businesses and young people equip the CIC with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the development sector.

Specialist Areas:

  • Corporate to Business Transition

  • Mindset

  • Building a Brand

  • Business Growth

  • Confidence


Uzma Rani


Uzma is a Rotherham based corporate professional turned abstract/impressionist artist, calligrapher and creative practitioner. She creates mixed media art inspired by both nature and her surroundings as well as her own cultural heritage and religion, with her work being exhibited in online and in person exhibitions. Uzma has through personal struggles found art to be a powerful tool for wellbeing and mindfulness and is passionate about using her learnings to educate others in using creativity to do the same.

Specialist Areas:

  • Teaching - A creative practitioner including Arabic calligraphy and art mindfulness painting techniques.

  • Public speaking/performance - including private events and in festivals relating to art and creativity

Beth Rawden

Beth has a proven track record as a consistently outstanding teaching practitioner within both Further Education and Higher Education. Evident in achieving the ‘Chair of Governors Choice’ award, being highly commended in the ‘Go Further’ category and recognised for excellence, all within the last 3 years.
She is passionate about inspiring young people to achieve and go beyond their current capabilities, due to her own learning journey. She highly values the time spent studying and the mentors she met along the way, as they shaped her as an individual by building her self-esteem and raising her own aspirations


As a Learning and Development Coach, Beth mentors and coaches staff as an approach to positive engagement and as a means of improving performance. She takes a flexible approach to self-development, to ensure that her own practice remains outstanding whilst continuing to motivate those around her.

It is Beth’s belief that in the pursuit of excellence, we gain a fuller understanding of our purpose, and a deeper appreciation of the contribution we make to the lives of those we teach, coach and mentor.

Specialist Areas:

  • Teaching and Learning

  • Staff Development and Continuous Professional Practice (CPD)

  • Re-thinking the way ‘it’s always be done’ / Innovation

  • EdTech tools and resources

  • Teacher

  • EDI Board Member


For further information, enquiries or to discuss community projects near you please contact us:



Phone: 07881 917665

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