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The HEW podcast launched 1st August 2018. I was fully committed to spreading my message and value the world over. It was another medium accessible for individuals and businesses to enjoy and learn from and one which I had absolutely no prior experience of. So that did three key things, ticked a business box for achieving an objective of widening the audience, ticked the listenership box by entering onto a media platform that is increasingly selected as a preferred source of content and a personal box for my own growth by stepping once again, out of the comfort zone at that time, practising exactly what I preach.

Upon launch it entered the podcast charts in the top 20 of new shows on iTunes and has since then, gone from strength to strength reaching audiences globally.

Throughout a full season listeners have downloaded episodes from over 30 different countries. 

There is a whole range of topics covered regarding personal and business development. Top tips and advice feature weekly, on overcoming the many challenges that we face when striving for excellence and success. 

The 1st birthday of the podcast and in conjunction with the brand refresh for HEW, saw a new and improved season of episodes freshly created. 
Now there is even more powerful value available as I personally interview entrepreneurs and business owners in the series of ‘What It Takes’. 
Carefully selected guests mean that I can cover a whole range of business sectors and experiences which in turn provide an excellent insight into different their own personal perspectives and learnings. All perfectly intertwined with 
the coaching strategies of HEW.

Available to download now on iTunes, Google Play, Soundcloud, Spotify and Stitcher