If you are yet to dive into the land of Podcasts then we hope here at HEW we can burst this bubble for you. The first episode went live in August 2018 and hit 16th in the Top 20 Charts. There is now a huge bank of episodes to go through and binge on if that is your thing! Helen was the trailblazer for this having never previously recorded or edited, only ever appeared as guests on other shows, it was certainly a challenging endeavour she conquered.


What we know is that everyone consumes information differently and the HEW podcast has thousands of downloads in over 50 countries. Podcasts have had a huge growth in recent times and HEW were right in there.

Lauren is a devourer of podcasts and is therefore thrilled to be right in the thick of it with recording shows and recruiting new listeners and subscribers once they understand how powerful and valuable a podcast can be to their minds environment.


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